The sand matters

What to put in the litter box?

Well, anywhere they sell cat litter, there will be LOTS of choice. Most of those choices and buzzwords are meant to appeal to you.

So, what appeals to a cat when it comes to litter?

She will probably be most attracted to: sandy texture, no odour, low dust clumping litter.

Especially if you have an enclosed box, dust and odour can be very irritating to a cat’s respiratory system. Sometimes it doesn’t say on the package whether it’s scented — ask me how I know that ;). If it’s in a tub with a screw-on lid, you can check right in the store. If not, look for the word ‘unscented’.

Clumping litter is easier to keep clean, and you don’t need to change out the litter as often.

If you are changing litter products, it’s best to do it slowly — adding a little of the new litter at a time. If you’re testing out a litter that is very different from your current product, then adding a new litter box beside the current one with the new litter allows kitty to check it out and let you know how she feels. This is better than risking a total litter box strike because she refuses to use it.

Scooping daily is recommended.

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