Indoor climbing

Cats are naturally athletic, inquisitive creatures. Now, Ruby makes her own climbers from our high places. But not all cats are that athletic or fearless.

What should you look for in a climber?

Try to match the structure to your cat’s natural ability. Older or overweight cats will likely do better with low structures.

Think about whether you would like to incorporate a hiding space or a scratching surface with the climber.

Cats like Ruby might like to try something a little more unusual. But remember, wall-mounted (and ceiling mounted) climbers will require you to install them. If you’re in a rental, then this may not be allowed, and if you aren’t confident climbing up to the ceiling, then don’t buy something that will just sit in a box.

Also, you can look for local craftspeople who make cat climbers.

By providing your kitty with her own ‘furniture’ for her natural behaviour, she’s less likely to be destroying your furniture. And that makes for a happier home.

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